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Allyria Rivers
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allison/erica, allison/lydia, bechloe, berdine/raina, bo/tamsin, cara mason, cara/kahlan, claire holt, dianna agron, doccubus, elena/damon, elena/katherine, emily/alison, emily/samara, erica reyes, faberry, fan fiction, fayana, faye chamberlain, faye/diana, femslash, game of thrones, kahlan amnell, kate argent, katherine pierce, kelena, kenzi, krista/chase, lea michele, legend of the seeker, lost girl, morgana pendragon, nina dobrev, orphan black, phoebe tonkin, pretty little liars, quinn fabray, rachel/quinn, rebekah mikaelson, rebekah/hayley, scott/allison, shay mitchell, sixhart, spashley, teen wolf, teresa palmer, the secret circle, the vampire diaries, valkubus
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proud femslasher who has a soft spot for the 'bad' girls and non canon ships.

i love to write. like you can assume from my interests and the pairings i ship
it's mostly girlxgirl. sometimes i also write het or slash (but therefor i need to really love the ship... and i mean really love)
i have no problem reading het sex but i just don't feel comfortable to write it by myself.
um yeah...i think that says enough about me ;)

next to my love for writing is my love for everything supernatural.(i love vampires, witches, werewolves etc)
which means most of my fandom’s involve supernatural or fantasy character.

when i read a book or watch tv i want to fall in love with other worlds, other creatures.
when i want reality i just leave the house.